Bengtsfors is located in northern Dalsland and is an old mill town founded at the end of the 18th century. The resort is probably best known for its scenic setting and its large proportion of surface area that covers the landscape with water. There are no less than 399 in the municipality.  Lakes and this represents about 17% of the area.

The landscape is often referred to as "a Canada in miniature". A major landmark is also Dalsland canal which has its beginnings in southwestern Värmland and ends in Lake Vänern. In this canal, which is also served daily by canal boats on a daily basis, a landscape is passed that is a delight to the eye. Some examples are Höljerudsforsarna, located just south of Bengtsfors, and the aqueduct in Håverud.

Bengtsfors is also known for its scenic hiking and canoe trails as well as Gammelgården's open-air museum, which is located high above the resort. At Gammelgården you can see how people lived and worked in the past.

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